There’s Talk Of Renaming Them “The Obamas”

This idea was brought forth from the gnoggin of faithful reader Gnome Sane and I thank him for it.

I don’t watch shows where the celebrities give each other trophies, consequently I don’t give a crap about the Oscars or who gets one or why. But when the rich whiny celebrities start crying about being denied the trophies over the color of their skin, it pisses me off. The FACT is not one of the black celebrities complaining about this crap would BE a celebrity if they weren’t of African heritage. They’d all be be just another guy/gal/manwoman/womanman. They should be thanking their lucky stars they were born into a country that offered them such wealth and opportunity. Or would someone offer the argument they’d all be better off if their ancestors had been left in Africa? What are the current salaries in the African movie industry?

So shut the fuck up, all of you. Count your money, dickheads.

40 acres and an Oscar


  1. I always tell anyone whining about black reparations that I’m all for it…right after Rome pays me for enslaving MY ancestors.

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