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Cruzer’s Last Stand?

I sure hope not. He’s the most solid conservative candidate we’ve had in years… and I’d hate to think I jinxed him with my endorsement. Like I did with the Dallas Cowboys. Sorry fans.


We also apologize for inadvertently disclosing Trump’s secret plan to annex Mexico in order to settle the immigration issue.

Ya Think?

backlash brew

Clinton Staff Won’t Allow Press To Film Her Boarding Her Plane


boarding HRC

The Clinton Way


Scene From A Bernie Rally

Sanders delivers remarks to supporters at a rally in Greenville, South Carolina

Pardon Beggars

beg pardon

Another Statistical Survey

Another one for Science. Thanks for your participation. There are no wrong answers.

Which Of These 2 Photos Do You Feel Is The Most Revolting?

We want your immediate reaction, please choose A or B quickly. Then follow with your explanation and analysis if you like. We will generally ignore it but please do have your say.

hillary secret side

Hillary Sans Pantsuit

snake eating a kitten

A Snake Eating A Kitten

Why Obama Is Heading To Cuba

Havana Nutha Cockatoo!

going to cuba

Eight Is Enough <–(Nifty New Catch Phrase)

It IS enough, isn’t it? Damn sure is for me.

eight is enough


We Support Ted Cruz

I haven’t seen any updates on the SC primary results, exit polls or such. So I figure it’s time to make a decision and speak out on behalf of the candidate I’d most like to see as our next President.

I Choose Cruz.


Partly because he’s a Texan, like me. Mostly because I believe he is the best equipped to successfully argue conservative principles to a nation bombarded by leftist thought via academia and the majority of the media. I believe he can articulate the merits of less government better – and with more sincere conviction – than any other candidate running. Texas sent him to Washington for this reason and he has not let us down. I do trust Ted and I think he will make a fantastic President all Americans will be proud of.

This is not a knock on Donald Trump. There are many things I admire about Trump. I do believe he has a good heart and would work earnestly as President to do right by America. If he wins the nomination, I will run to vote for him. But first choice is Cruz.

I hope this isn’t the Kiss of Death.


The HunchBernie


Breaking: Obama Nominates Supreme Court Justice

Don’t act surprised.

obama nominee