I Am Disappointed In Ted Cruz


Not the kind of thing I would expect from Ted. I want to hear his explanation for it because it’s a creepy Big Brother dishonest thing his campaign admits to doing here. A disqualifying kind of thing for me, if he defends and continues it. Hopefully that won’t be the case.

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  1. You’re missing all the fun out here in Oregon EoT. The liberal queers in Portland want some more cowboy blood to drink. Another snuff film. The gap between the left and the right can’t be bridged. We have crossed the Rubicon.

  2. When the Going Gets Tough, Ted Cruz Gets Weird

    it’s called “doxing” – it’s public information -I know it as a fundamental violation of privacy

  3. Can’t wait to see if I get one. It’ll make a great target, and I do have to zero in that scope on the new .22

  4. What do expect from a guy with a Canadian birth certificate? He couldn’t even do what Obama did, and get a phony American one.

  5. For me, what steams me most about this “voting violation” thing is NOT the candidate.
    Today it’s called “doxing” (and to H*LL with anyone who says, “meh, it’s public information”)

    I know it as a fundamental violation of privacy – and worse – the right to a private vote.
    Don’t even THINK of arguing on semantics/details.
    (I have enough relatives who did and KNOW)

    This is the first step, intellectually, to having a “required” vote (as in China)…and you KNOW that THEY KNOW whom you vote for.

    HOWEVER: combine THIS with the “Carson is quitting” LIE followed by the “HOLY ROLLER JESUS PRAISE GOD I WON!” rally he held afterwards.


    That said, my main “heartburn” with Cruz is his “Trans Pacific Trade Deal” (TPP) position.
    I see TPP as “the other side of the” Immigration-Issue “coin.”
    In a similar (and related) manner that illegal
    (and Cruz’s H1-B legal white collar alien invasion)
    immigration destroys America’s social fabric and economic strength,
    the TPP severely weakens (a slippery slope to destroying)
    America’s sovereignty, as it subordinates/subsumes America to GLOBAL powers,
    be they economic or legal (THINK: UN, World Court).

    Hence, I see Cruz as supporting this globalism to the detriment of America,
    and will vote for Donald J Trump.

  6. I have no hatred for Trump nor deep abiding devotion to Cruz. I’m not quite ready to fully embrace anyone, they all still have work to do. I and millions of others share your concerns over TPP, they are completely valid.

    I only know I will vote for the eventual GOP nominee, if only to vote against Hillary/Bernie/Warren/Biden/CrackWhoreOffTheStreet/whatever the dog-eating dems nominate. That’s going to be my focus from here to the election. They are the enemy of me.

    Iowa is only a start and things will change. Hang in, Brother.

  7. Those were shit moves by turd cruz. What you’d expect from the clintons, but even more cut throat. Trump better learn quick he’s not dealing with businessmen who have integrity…he’s dealing with sleaze.

    1. I don’t like the vote shaming at all. But at this point I still believe Cruz is the best man we have for the job. We’ve a ways to go – and I’ll support the nominee whomever that is.

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