Bill To Advise Hillary On Campaign Tactics And Strategy

Analyzing all sides of the situation, quickly discerning the ideal outcome and formulating the best plan of attack to get there. Bill’s a super genius at that stuff. Hope she listens to him.

free hillary

Go for it, Hil. God knows, you need a rest. It will be a Women’s Prison, OK? All you can eat, knowhatimean? Let your hair down and never wash it. Wear political prisoner thick-framed glasses. Never shave your lip, legs or pits – and no more bikini waxings! Haha-freedom! You can compose and issue your Epic Manifesto! Everyone knows manifestos written in prison are the best kind of manifesto and they sell huge. And then, when you come out all shriveled, old and frail…you’ll be like a Gandhi or Mandela or Mother Teresa! DO IT!



4 responses to “Bill To Advise Hillary On Campaign Tactics And Strategy

  1. Blue Lou Boyle January 26, 2016 at 11:11 am

    Indicted, tried and convicted…..Oh please! Oh please! Oh please!!!!!!!! I’ve wished upon a star, thrown coins in a fountain, even sacrificed a goat……( drank his blood at midnight and then made curry goat of course)

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