Way Cool Shot Of An Avid Supporter Crashing A Hillary Campaign Appearance In Iowa


He or She is carrying this sign, just released by the campaign. Click to view the large size file. The campaign is challenging supporters to spot the subliminal message, subtly hidden in the graphic, that reinforces a strongly held principle of the Candidate. No More Nanny State.




  1. Good thing you weren’t trying to spell boob!

    BTW…where’d you find “Pretty Boy”? You dig up Merv Griffin?

    1. He came to us from an agency, on a couple of photo shoots. The women on the set couldn’t keep their eyes off him. He has just enough brains to be trainable, so we were intrigued. All went to hell today, however. He’s toast.

  2. No way that is her, she never ate a wiener. Now, if it was a taco eating contest, that I would believe.

    1. Yet all those years she trashed the women that ate her husband’s so she didn’t have to…

      1. If she’d needed those women to further her political ambitions more than Bill, she would have trashed Bill. She’s a skilled opportunist from way back.

    2. Yes, absolutely! A valid point and also plus furthermore in addition the keen observer will note that the wiener in question has not been eaten, it is merely being squeezed, kind of hard.

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