1. Half nigger, half nigger-fucking whore; dumbest man EVER elected to political office; worthless piece of faggot/queer/shirt-lifting/uphill gardening/rumpriding/fudge-packing/pickle-smooching/cock-sucking shit-bird waste of sperm EVER! (I tried to be clear for Scooter Van Neuter, he gets a bit confused if I’m not PAINFULLY clear.)

  2. Great replies everyone. I haven’t actually sorted them – way too much work – but the answers are #3 is “Homo” (and all of its various descriptors, some quite vivid), with 75 responses. #4 is “Muslim”/Haji/CarpetBanger/DustyNuts/etc, with 52 responses and #5 is “Raped in Prison”, with 6 responses.
    Just off the board with 4 responses or less were “Black” (big surprise, that one), “Manly”, “Brave”, “Competent” and “PonyRidesDownStairs”.
    Thanks to all for participating. As compensation, a donation has been made in your names to me.

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