Just A Trial Balloon – Does It Resonate?

I’m giving some thought to entering the Presidential race. Yes it’s late but someone needs to better represent the interests and concerns of the Just Leave Me The Fuck Alone (JLMTFA) community. Cruz comes closest, but he’s still a guy who will, if elected, do stuff.

Not me. If I were to be elected, I wouldn’t do much of anything. That guy in the ad? That’s not me, he’s a paid professional actor and he will be the face of my administration. You’ll never actually see me – I’ll be at some exclusive resort, taking it easy. Oh I’ll make the necessary calls on big stuff…sending the military out to kick someone’s ass, guarding the borders, Supreme Court picks and other important stuff…I’ll be in charge through secure remote connections. The guy in the ad (aka “Pretty Boy”) will hold the press conferences, kiss babies and do fundraisers and all the other public shit for the Media. He won’t be traveling much though. He can go to Canada or Mexico only. This will save billions – and we’ll rebate the money saved right back to the American people that actually paid taxes, not wheelbarrow it over to some other government boondoggle.

I could go on but it’s too much effort.

We’re not for “No Government” just “Pretty Much No Government”


    1. Beats me. We’ll let most of that stuff work itself out.But you’re welcome to visit anytime – just don’t bring anything fervent. Fervention gets on our nerves.

    1. You honor me, Madame. I am profoundly and deeply grateful for your support. The prestige of an endorsement from a major league website like yours is priceless. Indeed, you have just legitimatized my campaign. I just hope nobody expects me to get all worked up over it. Settle down people.

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