What’s The Opposite Of An Endorsement?

Because I’m doing it right here, right now. I am NOT endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. This is not a gag, I AM SERIOUS. This Blog’s OFFICIAL, firm, unchangeable position is DO NOT VOTE FOR THAT CORRUPT LYING HAG EVER…and that’s final, so no use trying to talk me out of it. I will not budge. I hate her.

big hillary
Click for the full size and brace yourself.


  1. Biden praises Sanders. Tacit endorsement from the WH over the Ovarian candidate or
    preamble to more drip, drip, drip insider info being leaked by the evil Val-Jar?

  2. Geez, Earl: I made the mistake of clicking on the full-sized pic!!!! Now I hafta’ wash my eyes out w/ bleach.

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