One Maniacal Rapist Bill C. To Another

Both were widely admired public figures. Each stood at the peak of achievement, fame and fortune. And both were accused of raping their way around the country. Now one Bill C. stands charged for the commission of a criminal act. The other Bill C. is campaigning for his wife.

The outcomes seem widely disparate here, why is this so?

bill clintons secret weapon


  1. Bill Cosby had the audacity to promote self responsibility. The Left doesn’t like when the Darkies leave the Plantation…so he gets kicked to the curb.

  2. Mark Steyn suggested democrats might be practicing some racism here.
    One gets totally kicked under the bus.
    One is lauded to be the First Gentleman of the white house.

  3. The Headline in the Post was amusing; all you needed was to swap Bubba here’s picture for Cosby, and the rest would be fine as is


  4. I don’t see a difference.
    White Bill C. gets another shot at living in public housing while black Bill C. also goes to live in public housing.

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