Backstabbing Santa

Betrayed again by the Hogs at the Trough. Someone tell me who to root for here…they’re all money-grubbing slime without an ounce of integrity.

I hate their corrupt, lying guts. Like any of them give a rat’s (aka Paul Ryan’s) hairy ass about that. They’re all home in the mansions their lobbyists bought, toasting their latest rape of the compliant commoners while the money rolls in.

By Allah’s broad buttocks, they can all go to Hell. The GOP is dead to me.

Merry Fucking Christmas.

bohica santa



  1. This after the electorate gave them TWO historic elections and control of Congress, expecting SOME kind of push back against this sickening “fundamental transformation of America”. How the fuck was that vote any different than if the Left still had control?

    They’re ALL pigs at the same trough…the only difference being their place in line, depending on which party is in power.

      1. Yeah…I forget who called them the “Whigs” on Jan’s site, but he was spot on. They’ve completely blown it. An honest, conservative party will replace them, and most likely draw plenty of registered Democrats away from the party that the Progressives have ruined.

        I registered, as a Democrat, in 1970. OK, I was 18, and naive as hell. But back then, the Democrats were more like the Republicans of today, and the Progressives today are communists. The whole system has slid to the Left, and it’s LONG past time for a major correction.

        1. With or without the limbs still attached? Not sure if I mean the tree or the GOPE.

          OK, limbs of the Fir cut off so that 3″ stubs remain. The same for the GOPEs, ditto the 3″, but ripped off, not cut……………

  2. LOL. “They’re all home in their mansions.” You know, the ones with FENCES around them.

  3. WHAT THE HELL? When I was in D. C. in the late ’80’s there were a lot of foods to choose from. NOW it appears all you can eat is a triple bacon bilderberger with cheese! The “slippery slope” has become a CLIFF! I say we clean house 100%, send ALL of congress and the WH to PRISON for treason, THEN only elect graduates from Hillsdale College, where they must PASS a course on the Constitution to graduate! I’m so mad I could eat tungsten-carbide!

          1. Oh thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! On second thought, I think I’ll use my ICE RACING bike. MAN, the spikes on THAT bad boy could shred CONCRETE!

  4. I just realized that, considering the elfaggot with the candy-cane, that the name of this post should be “backDOORstabbing-santa”. You know about the preoccupation Kwanzaa Claws has with the “poop chute”.

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