1. Yup…that’s it in a nutshell. Bathhouse Barry takes OUR tax money, gives it to some third world shit hole, which is then skimmed off by the piss pot dictator of said shit hole, and nothing changes. Kinda like the UNICEF money that I collected at Halloween more than 50 years ago…nothing changes.

    If he HONESTLY cared about the people in those shit hole countries, he’d be shipping them COAL. Aside from enabling them to power water pumps and lighting grids, they could use it to COOK with, instead of the animal and HUMAN feces that they burn in order to cook in their huts…and then die from the noxious fumes. But coal is EVIL, ya see. And redistributing the world’s wealth would be SUCH a powerful rebuke to those bad guys that are good with social media. Or something.

    1. BJ… “Third world shit hole”… whaddya wanna bet the largest percentage are in AfriDUH! Look at the continent and tell me what it’s given to the world besides disease. What innovation, food, luxury, advancement, method of water purification, global corporation, form of government… WHAT? If it wasn’t for transplanted A-Rabs in Egypt, it has afforded ZERO to life on Earth, and there are morons that wanted a KENYAN to experiment with turning the USA into Western AfriDUH.

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