1. Yep, sums it up exactly. This man-child needs to be verbally disrespected every time he shows his face in public during his last months in office. Small payback for the disrespect the decent citizens, law enforcement and the military have had to endure for the last seven years.

  2. When the number of viewers tonight comes in below people watching a Sanford and Son rerun , Boingo will need Teem Fellatio to work on him all week on overtime, to get him out of the sobbing choomfest in a corner

  3. Don’tcha just LOVE how he’s always saying, “That’s not who we are.” This, after spending 7 years CHANGING who we are.

    1. He lectures us. And no questions, cross examinations or direct rebuttals allowed. He’d love to have that debate or that discussion but we have no valid argument or new ideas so what would be the point? As such we must accept that we are what he says we are
      without question or complaint. And plus also we should be thanking him.


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