Mixed My Metaphors

I’ve conflated “ignoring the elephant in the room” with the “800 lb gorilla that sits wherever he wants” because in this situation the gorilla is more representative of what’s being ignored. On purpose. By a guy whose middle name is Hussein.

motive unclear
No, FLOTUS is not on the National Security team.


  1. With THIS group it’s mixed metaWHORES. And don’t try to tell me that ISN’T magilla obama sitting on her corpulent ass. I was born at night, but not LAST night. Also, be culturally sensitive, Earl… she be duh Firs HO, so it would be FHOTUS.

  2. Hahahahahahaha!!! You forgot “phase of the moon” BTW you lie!! That is FLOTUS and she looks marvelous!!!
    Cheers Earl

  3. Nailed it, Earl…again.

    When I saw video of that meeting, the first thing I thought of was how weak and befuddled Pres. Massengill looked. Like some kid that wanted to say, “I don’t wanna play this game any more.” It’s no fun any more when he can’t just bullshit his way out of something, or fight REAL battles against the evils of some non-existent global warming…THAT doesn’t shoot BACK. He can give grandiose speeches talking about the fucking WEATHER, but he can’t get on TV and reassure the country after the worst attack since 9/11. That takes DAYS to prepare for…parsing every syllable of that speech to make sure he gets as much political advantage as possible. Which means, he’ll be talking about how GREAT his air campaign has been, how we need more ways of disarming ourselves, and how everything can be blamed on climate change. But he’ll be giving the speech from the Oval Office…so THAT means he’s REALLY serious now.


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