1. That crossed my mind when I found out this bastard was a county health inspector. You can’t GET more assimilated than this guy…by all accounts, he was the epitome of a “moderate” Muslim…and he still kills 14 people. So how much trust is the average American gonna have for “moderate” Muslims? It’s a paradigm shift, in my opinion.

    Where’s FDR when ya need him? The gov’t should be putting them all in internment camps for their OWN safety. AND ours…

    1. Well I hate to malign an entire religion over the actions of a minority and also all muslims can lick my nuts.

      Not all Arabs, or Persians, or Syrians, or whatever. Just the muslim ones. Can’t trust a single one of them, nope.

  2. AND, bluesjunky… let that internment camp be in the deserts of saudi arabia. Please take note of all the protests by “moderate mooselims” across the globe decrying the evil of these murderers! It’s like Winston Churchill said, “islam in a man is like rabies in a dog”… do we REALLY want to wait for the “foaming at the mouth” before making a plan?

  3. “There are no moderate muslims or radical muslims, there is only Islam.”
    I don’t know who to attribute that quote to, but I kinda agree.

      1. Earl, mooselimism really isn’t a religion, but rather a political system with religious jargon thrown in to offer a level of legitimacy. Take note that mooselims cannot operate their system fully unless they take over the government and institute shitria law. It’s like that segment of “the half hour news hour” where the cast kept talking about terrorism, but couldn’t quite grasp the “connection” between guys like Smegma Jizzwan Fuhcue and his lovely goat Gashqueef Malignant, and the killing and bombing they perpetrate.


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