Obama: Ignore ISIL And It Will Go Away

Vows to employ “every aspect of American power” to destroy the non-islamic “killers with good social media” that you needn’t worry about because they’re a fantastic nothingburger of importance standing on the wrong side of history and we have better ideas. Also being afraid that they might murder our children only encourages them to murder our children so let’s take a breath and remain true to the values we all hold dear, kiss the rattlesnakes on the lips and ignore the occasional setbacks.



  1. You’re an artiste, Earl, but you put together some pretty good written profundity as well! I’m going to need to repost this word-for-word, and I have a feeling you won’t mind. But thank you for the genius work, Bro!

  2. I’ve been ignoring Obama since he first appeared, and he hasn’t gone away…yet. The only images of him I can view are yours. I believe you capture, in satire, the deep evil residing in this pathetic sociopath. Thank you.

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