1. I tend to agree, but I also remember the reichstag fire, the Tonkin gulf fraud, the Balfour declaration, the Lusitania, the Maine, 9/11… perhaps our emotions are just a tool used against us one more time.

    1. Perhaps some evidence will emerge to contradict what seems to be quite obvious to me. This is islam gone batshit and the response to these despicable attacks on unarmed civilians needs to be collective, direct and severe. No more hand-wringing over their religious “sensibilities” while they directly and viciously attack others who dare believe differently. We’ve seen, heard and lost enough-islam cannot be tolerated in a democratic country. Let them go underground, as Christians and others must do in muslim countries – or get the fuck out of ours. Enough.

      1. I get it, I do. You’re preaching to the choir on this one but…. They found in “Syrian passport” on a dead terrorist? really? I think I smell a “crisis that can’t be let go to waste”. I am not intimating that this is some conspiratorial, false flag thing but the passport… I can’t get past the passport in the story.

        1. that said, shut the borders, deport them all, find anyone looking remotely guilty and either execute them or send them to Mogadishu. We stopped them at the gates of Vienna, we let them go a little too far this time.

          1. I don’t propose killing anyone – unless they offer no alternative. I’d happily pay to ship them back to whatever rotten crotch of a muslim country they choose. Much much cheaper in the long run.

      2. What do you mean … the leading cheese-eating surrender-monkey just declared three days of mourning … that outta do it …. I mean we can respond with positive feelings rather than violence like, eh?

  2. I think this might be one of those times that in history, you dont think is vital. Until it’s past.
    I’m hearing phrases like “Article 5” and “Force de Frappe” in shouting distance of each other. The pedophile monsters taking credit for this might not think that matters. But they are retarded butchers. They might be getting an ugly education

    1. I do hope. Whatever it takes – get their murderously retarded religion out of the western countries – period. They’re doing the same in theirs.Fuck it, they’ve worn out their welcome and need to get out.

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