How The Fridge Is This Guy “Oppressed”?

He’s visited the White House 4 times. He’s a graduate student studying social “justice” hogwash made up crap. He’s the black president of an all black student council at a flagship state university. His father is a VP at Union Pacific and earned $7 million last year. And he claims he is oppressed. And many people believe him. So I hate him and them.

The Shirt Will Be On Display At The Smithsonian By Christmas. Wait For It.
The Shirt Will Be On Display At The Smithsonian By Christmas. Wait For It.


  1. Obongos media runs with this punks sob story , The college pres retreats like a girl and the smelly libs get their way once again. Load and friggin load.

  2. Yes, truly, Earl. The modern black activist groups are so completely out of control now that one could conceivably call it “rioting”. In actual fact, there is also plenty of actual rioting as well. The hatred and disgusting racism from these assholes is glaringly apparent, and they’re not even trying to hide it any longer. Basically, it’s “we’re going to do and say whatever we want while you white people have to be obsequious little toadies and ask our permission to live.”

    To hear these people speak — and our beloved lying shit-stirrer in chief — you’d think this entire country was rural Mississippi circa 1915. Never mind that America elected a black man president TWICE, despite the fact that he possesses no skills, had no experience, is a total textbook psychopath, and had nothing more to run on than hatred for white people, capitalism, and America. Doesn’t matter.

    Nope, everybody and everything everywhere is RACIST! Meanwhile, every time I stop at a red light, sitting next to me is a black person in a brand new Mercedes or BMW. Some shitty country, huh?

    1. Mac,
      Howz about we allow the disgruntled africans the freedom to RETURN to africa to establish their utopia, with leaders like Robert Mugabi, Idi Amin and Nelson Mandella? They’re probably TIRED of driving around in BMW’s, Escalades and Merc’s, and they long for the “glory days” of WALKING everywhere they go with their ugly fat floppy-titted negress wife (since they be no WHITE wimmins there). Can you tell I’m SICK of “BitchingWorthlessBlackLivesMatter”?

      1. You know, speaking of women, it’s always amazed me how race-conscious black people are. They basically accuse all whites — liberal and conservative both — of being “racist”, yet I cannot count how many times I’ve seen a thin and reasonably good looking black man with a big, fat, ugly white girl with a huge ass. It’s amazing to me. As a white man, I’d much rather have Halle Berry or Vivica Fox, but not these guys. They’ll take an obese ugly white pig any day over a tremendously hot black woman with a great body. It’s really disturbed, and I think it points to a very clear pathology in black culture.

        1. It may be as simple as getting what you don’t think you deserve or earn. Take lamont, for instance… he KNOWS he doesn’t deserve a “butt-ugly” Wookiee, but that’s EXACTLY what he gravitates toward. (On Kashyyyk she was called a “she-rilla”.) He needed to attract some “ho” to protect him from the “buff” fags at the bathhouses, and… sho nuff!

          1. Yes the Moose is Obama’s beard. And I read somewhere his separation from his commie-banging mommy compels him to seek dominant women like Mooch and Vaseline Jarrett to fill that void in his life. That strikes me as plausible.

    2. Best thing that every happened to Americans Of African Colors was their cousins selling other cousins to the slave traders that took them out of Africa and brought them to America. Undeniable truth.

      1. Oh EARL… you could ONLY be the worst of RACISTS to actually articulate the truth like that! LYING to minorities about the facts of an issue is the only way to avoid being a racist, (oh, and becoming a liberal first). The negro population, in general, has been so “dumbed down” that their ignorance is an actual FACT… the have been stupified (or “stupid-fied”) by their new massas, the democraps. They traded the cotton fields for welfare lines… still slaves and too stupid to see it!

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