1. Uhhhhhhh……NO! Jeb might be a good guy and his brother was a good CINC (not the best of presidents but a good Commander in Chief (worked under him)), but we don’t need a legacy… We don’t need royalty…We don’t need “The Party”…..and we DAMN SURE DON”T NEED HILLARY OR BERNIE!!! WE NEED FREEDOM from DEMOCRACY to restore our REPUBLIC!!! We NEED LIBERTY to shed the bondage of tyrrany! If it were up to me, every “official, elected and otherwise, would be paraded into the National Mall to be tarred and feathered! They should then be marched outside of DC and told NEVER to return upon penalty of lead poisoning! This would probably stop the nonsense for at least 50 years……Then REPEAT!!!

  2. I tell ya, it should be mandatory that “spanking the simian” be re-named “jebbing off”!
    Good GOD… the media will be saying “that’s all he’s good for” if he gets elected!

  3. Just another Rove Republican POS. No different from any of the other thousands in substance. Nothing more than the other end of the same steaming turd as the Democrats.

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