Obama Incites Muslim Outrage At White House Halloween Party

Administration releases statement clarifying Obama was not bowing but rather “doubled over in laughter” and that what witnesses saw was the president “ridiculing, not genuflecting”. Mr Obama has phoned the Tiny Totalitarian to apologize and offer a $5,000,000 cash award to ease his pain and suffering.

Additionally, the White House stated that the Baby Pope has been arrested on unspecified charges and is being held without bail while awaiting possible federal indictment. The Baby Popemobile has been impounded and all PlayPapal assets seized.

A simultaneous release from the Baby Muhammed Foundation announced a $1,000,000 donation to both the Democratic National Committee and the Founders Convention for the Barack Hussein Obama International Liebrary And Madrassa.

baby pope


  1. You are sooo insightful and clever at putting these things together! Very very talented!

  2. Mooch makes a GREAT Alvira Gulch…”I’ll get you, my pretty, and yer little ham sammich, too!”

      1. Sorry bud but yes, he was. He did throw the water later, when BO started crawling up a tree backwards. We didn’t get a pic of that but also nobody sets up smoke detectors outside, do they?

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