Obama Finally Comes Through – Keeps His Promise

Fundamental Change has arrived. Aided by the Democrats, the Media, Academia, Non-Governmental Organizations and Assorted Activist Liberal Monkey Sluts (some flying, most just grounders and treelings) all marching in lockstep obedience to sniff and exult every Macadamia scented poot that emanates from the prolapsed sphincter of Barack Hussein Obama, we’ve come to this shit right here.

And it was all way too easily achieved.
And it was all way too easily achieved.


    1. Must be just a coinkydink that we’ve quit teaching critical thinking in schools over the past 30 years or so, huh? As a matter of fact, it’s practically OUTLAWED on college campuses now. If you voice a conservative viewpoint, yer ostracized like a freaking leper.

  1. I sent pic to my siblings. A brother commented – “I thought that had to be a joke but, nope, it is true. Odd thing about those two photos is the guys who were awarded all that money have dour looks and the couple who got slammed with a fine are smiling.”

    1. The smiling couple follow the True God, the scowling guys belong to a camel-shagging fertility cult and expect to get 72 Helen Thomases when they die… isn’t that hard to understand.

  2. Both parties were applying for a religious accommodation. A conscientious objection. It appears now that Sharia Law Trumps Christian Law. As Mark Knopfler sang “I’ve got one eye on the horizon, back to the wall…..I’m just cleaning my gun.”

  3. Well, hey there, Earl… After all, we should’ve known, right? He said he would “fundamentally change” the country. I really don’t have to remind people of the definition of the noun “fundament”, do I?

    He’s a femmy little homo wuss, and he likes fundaments. Hence, “fundamental change”, n’est-ce pas? He wants us all to be queer. Queers don’t fight, and you can do whatever you want to them as long as you give them plenty of fashionable clothes to wear and 3rd graders to nosh on.

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