Just When You’ve Banned Guns Completely, This Insane Loser Walks In And Murders People With Them Anyway

Because Insane Losers prefer Gun Free Zones for their shooting galleries. The knowledge that none of the targets will be shooting back allows them to operate at a more leisurely pace. And they don’t pay much attention to bans, in general.

gun free zone


          1. Lived in a rural county, out in the boonies for about fifteen years. We had about two sheriff’s deputies patrolling the entire county, primarily close to the cities. If I dialed 9-1-1 and screamed ‘shots fired!’, it would take a half an hour to an hour on a good day. Throw some snow on unplowed roads and maybe double that.
            I knew I was the only “first responder” I’d see.

  1. The thing is, though, why is it liberals just simply ignore Supreme Court decisions they don’t like? It’s as if those decisions were never even rendered at all. The McDonald and Heller decisions should have settled the already perfectly clear issue, once and for all. The Second Amendment obviously describes an individual right, not a collective one. I mean, plenty of conservatives don’t like the gay marriage ruling, but they’d better adhere to it, or the swishy little Homo In Chief will sashay over to their houses and slap the shit out them if they don’t bake gay cakes with two grooms on top, despite The First Amendment’s guarantee of the right to observe your religion’s teachings.

    Liberals are such infantile, un-American douchebags. Gay marriage, which is not an explicit constitutional right is to be observed everywhere, but a principle fundamental right of citizens specifically listed in The Bill of Rights is to be ignored, mocked, and treated cavalierly.

    Oh, and nice one, Earl, as per usual.

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