1. Lemme think… the Peupe (with thanks to Inspector Clouseau) is spreading global warming bullshit, queer priest male-child molestation, the thought that God traps people into the bodies of the wrong sex (how the hell can THAT be unless they had a sex before being conceived!), transvestitism (guys should not wear dresses), and the belief that HE is the substitute (vicar) of Christ, and someone finds it shocking that he would promote a religion of camel-shaggers?
    I have heard CATHOLICS bemoan the crappy leadership and decisions of this man, but we are in the last days, and the stuff we’re seeing is probably like when Sodomy and Gomorrahmy saw the fire and brimstone fall!

  2. btw Earl, this is brilliant! Thanks for the belly laughs! Also a good reason to change my undies…..
    Cheers bra

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