1. On the other hand, buggering little boys and each other is epidemic in the Ay-rab areas of the world. When I think Islam, I think male ass rape. Well, not rape. You can’t rape the willing.

  2. Look at little lamont in his favorite pose! I’ll be the spent a LOT of time on his knees as a mooselim girlie in Indonesia! I can imagine the flood of memories he has while bent over… of hairy smelly goatf*ckers cornholing barry. Yes, the continuous bootie-calls from perverted camelshaggers. The demands that barry “drop trou” and “squeel like a ‘sheep'” (because when a mooselim uses the “Hershey Highway” he wants his faggot to be KOSHER!) Poor ol’ barry is SOOOOO used to being “ass-raped” that I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a deal with Iran that can potentially lead to the destruction of Israel… oh… wait…
    I might be inclined to refer to lamont as a douche bag, but I think ENEMA BAG is more in keeping with his favorite orifice! If he wasn’t so fixated on ASSES he wouldn’t be married to magilla!

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