1. Glad Obama is taking care of business. This CO2 stuff really has me down. I left a big box of the shit lying around somewhere, and now I can’t find it. So, my entire lawn is turning brown, eggs are cooking on my front walk, and my basset hound is threatening to start a civil war because the house is too hot.

    I’m really depressed. Is it too late to go down to the Toyota dealer and get a gay car that runs on D batteries?

  2. Words fail me. This is soooo true!

    On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 2:07 PM, WELCOME TO THE RIGHTLY GUIDED: wrote:

    > Earl of Taint posted: “”

  3. Although I defer to the AMERICAN spelling on a regular basis, in THIS situation I believe the English spelling would serve lamont better… “WANKING away at climate change”. See how much more accurately it describes lamont and his modus operandi?

    1. Good point. I was going to go with Pounding but I thought people might assume he was going to hit someone with that dildo. But wanking is an upgrade, absolutely.

      1. It’s like when his gramma used to bake his favorite “pickle flavored” bread using dill dough! (Note, the “pickle” flavor had nothing to do with cucumber by-products, but was more associated with “chorizo” if you get my drift.)

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