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It’s A Vast Flight-Wing Conspiracy

Hillary upset with the slow pace of the release of the emails she didn’t delete and wants you to see.

It's Those Wacko Birds Again

It’s Those Wacko Birds Again

Turns out, it’s not politically motivated at all, Rather, it appears to be hormonal.

(It Gets Bigger. But first you have to click it.)



There Goes Germany


I Guess I Just Don’t Appreciate The Impact Of A Federal Government Shut Down

govt shutdown

They’ve Ruined Another Great Show

miss piggery

Like Comic Books?

We’re considering launching a new one. True Crime type stuff. I’ve only done the cover so far, then I got bored with it.



boehner cries w pope n pimp

Crop Dusting In Iowa

This actually happened but the press broke out air fresheners before anyone got seriously hurt. However we’ve heard on good authority there were in fact over three dozen active projectile vomiters most of whom continue to refuse any and all food.

DID YOU SMELL IT? Surviving attendees from this event, if any, are urged to contact the Poison Control Center Hotline immediately.

DID YOU SMELL IT?                                                                                                     Surviving attendees from this event – if any – are urged to contact the Poison Control Center HotLine immediately.

Ham And Cheese

lena dunham

FACT: Obama Is Too Gay To Be A Muslim

Not Islamic, just submissive


Nothing To Be Alarmed About, You Science-Ignorant Racists, You

See Something? – Don’t Be A Fear Monger!