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Swami Sees The Future

If this comes true, who would be surprised?

lights out

I Want To Make This Movie But I Need More Backers

Kind of like the Kraken. Once called forth, he steam-cleans the retard out of leftists until they straighten up and go get jobs.

Who’s in?


Planned Parenthood – So Much More Than Just Baby-KIlling

No not really. Shredding unborn children and selling the sundered remains is their bread and butter. Along with the taxpayer money the government shovels at them. For some incredible reason.

tissue factory

This Blog Is Brought To You By The Letter L

liar lion

Tempus Fugit

Flashback 1965The Pepsi Generation

"You've Got A Lot To Live And Pepsi's Got A Lot To Give!"

“You’ve Got A Lot To Live
And Pepsi’s Got A Lot To Give!”

Planned Parenthood Blocks Videos That Show Them Doing Nothing Wrong Whatsoever

pp blocks videos

Sunday Morning In The Bark Park

bark park

Next He Wants To Kill Elephants


Some Lives Matter

some lives matter