Backstage With Hillary

MFNS 7.19.2015/ On the Democratic Campaign Trail

In my role as the Semi-Professional Journalist At Large for the MFNS Worldwide Media Empire I attended a recent Dem fundraiser and managed to sneak myself backstage and into Hillary’s dressing room. I could only upload one shot before her security droids activated, forcing me to run for my life.

Luckily, for all of us, she was already dressed.

The 2 Bots Went Red On Me.
The Bots Went Red On Me.

UPDATE: I got into Trump’s dressing room too.



  1. Who the hell is any better than the Donald. You want more Bush? maybe Hillary? or Huckabee? How about Bernie the communist idiot? I am okay with Donald. Although, I do not believe he really wants the job. I think he want to bust GOP balls for a few months then laugh his ass off as they try to recover from what he made them say and do. This is entertainment man.

    1. We agree that he is up to something. I do not trust that something to be a good something. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong but right now he is saying what a lot of people want to hear. I do see that, clearly enough. Just not sure why.

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