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Blood Money

Disgusting way to earn a living. Ghoulish, in fact. I hate them.

planned parts


The Kenyan


And I Thought Texas Summers Were Hot


Luckily, Nothing Like This Could Ever Happen Here

candidate hitler

Obama Orders Flags To Half Mast In Mourning


From an idea submitted by Loyal Reader PhilO

OK I’m Making A Movie

Inspired by Reefer Madness

racer madness

PSA From The Donald


Backstage With Hillary

MFNS 7.19.2015/ On the Democratic Campaign Trail

In my role as the Semi-Professional Journalist At Large for the MFNS Worldwide Media Empire I attended a recent Dem fundraiser and managed to sneak myself backstage and into Hillary’s dressing room. I could only upload one shot before her security droids activated, forcing me to run for my life.

Luckily, for all of us, she was already dressed.

The 2 Bots Went Red On Me.

The Bots Went Red On Me.

UPDATE: I got into Trump’s dressing room too.


“Race Has To Be Centered In All Presidential Candidate’s Platforms.”