Happy Anniversary DMF!

Congratulations to my friend, angel, editor, boss and wise compatriot Diogenes Sarcastica on the 5th anniversary of the founding of Diogenes Middle Finger and the worldwide media empire known as MFNS. On behalf of myself and the rest of the staff here at EOT (a Berkshire-Hathaway Company), I present you with this custom made, Scotch Chocolate Cake along with our best wishes for many more years of global internet dominance and your continued benevolent reign over us all.

Note The Elevated Platter Which Allows For Flash Flooding
Note The Elevated Platter Which Allows For Flash Flooding

(Update) I should tell you this wasn’t my first choice of cakes. I thought I could get away with a $15 deal from Walmart if I had it personalized to add a bit of artisan baker cachet. The result was completely unacceptable – which I chalked up as a lesson learned rather then fight over a refund with what had to be the most un-Jolly Baker I’ve ever encountered. Of course, the fact that he was as black as Toby’s asshole didn’t help.

They left your name off because I only paid for 4 words.
They left your name off because I only paid for 4 words.



  1. Congratulations DS … what a Gal, what a Gal!

    Earl, you do know you’re going to have to explain about you knowing how dark Toby’s asshole is.

  2. Chocolate and Blue Label and a yellow rose AND flood insurance. I’ve never seen such a *sniff* beautiful tribute before. If you don’t get a promotion out of this, then you can have a glass of wine and a cuddle, on me! :D

  3. Earl, you have outdone yourself again! Thank You!
    As far as the sentiment, there is and old Belgian saying “If you can’t say it in 4 words, you’re probably a drunk Lithuanian sheep herder who lost their pants somewhere”

    And since my Daddy was Scottish, and I never like anything German anyway, your Scotch Chocolate Cake is just the recipe for the occasion! And the card….it…. it brought me to tears. I guess this means we have to get you a new desk, since we made a boat out of your other one during the flood…..

    1. Thanks Boss, glad you like it. I have lost my pants, many times…no idea about the rest. No worries on the desk. I’ll be out in the field pretty much full time now, my pants are my desk. (I think you see my problem…)

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