Born Fighting

Highly recommended Summer Reading.

born fighting

More than 27 million Americans today can trace their lineage to the Scots, whose bloodline was stained by centuries of continuous warfare along the border between England and Scotland, and later in the bitter settlements of England’s Ulster Plantation in Northern Ireland. Between 250,000 and 400,000 Scots-Irish migrated to America in the eighteenth century, traveling in groups of families and bringing with them not only long experience as rebels and outcasts but also unparalleled skills as frontiersmen and guerrilla fighters. Their cultural identity reflected acute individualism, dislike of aristocracy and a military tradition. Over time, the Scots-Irish defined the attitudes and values of the military, of working class America, and even of the peculiarly populist form of American democracy itself.

Born Fighting shows that the Scots-Irish were 40 percent of the Revolutionary War army; they included the pioneers Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, Davy Crockett, and Sam Houston; they were the writers Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain; and they have given America numerous great military leaders, including Stonewall Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, Audie Murphy, and George S. Patton, as well as most of the soldiers of the Confederacy (only 5 percent of whom owned slaves, and who fought against what they viewed as an invading army). It illustrates how the Scots-Irish redefined American politics, creating the populist movement and giving the country a dozen presidents, including Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. And it explores how the Scots-Irish culture of isolation, hard luck, stubbornness, and mistrust of the nation’s elite formed and still dominates blue-collar America, the military services, the Bible Belt, and country music …

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  1. Earl, I can’t BELIEVE you’ve been taken in by a simple thing like HISTORY when “fearless leader” has said that MOOSELIMS were part of the fabric of this nation! You seem to be unaware regarding the likes of Moostafa Boone, Mohammed Crockett, Edgar Achmed Poe and Ramadan Reagan. You seem to forget the industry brought here by entrepreneurs from the middle east… camel “escort” services, towel laundries, sand for egg-timers. We would be finished as a nation without the invaluable input of lamont’s compadres, and YOU have some lame story about Scots and Irish? Guys who wear dresses and drunks, yeah, GREAT role models, while completely forgetting the wonderful contributions brought to us by ragheads!
    And “I have no relationship with Amazon…”, after reading your treatise on Scots and Irish, I wouldn’t be surprised if you DO have a fetish for magilla obama!

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