It’s A Matter Of How We “Identify” With Stuff, Right?

Man…if a person can deny their own natural, biological truth simply because they ‘identify’ as the gender opposite of the one they were born with, then I can certainly state without fear of recrimination (pretending I’d give a feck) that I do not identify this North Carolinian Battle Flag (one of many in the Confederacy – but the one that stuck, because it’s a badass design) with slavery or racism, at all. I, like many others, see it as representing an independent, defiant mindset hard-wired into our DNA by our proud Scottish Borderer forebears.  A mindset that essentially states,

“Don’t Fucking TELL Me What To Do.”

Also "Leave Me Be"
Also “Leave Me Be”

That’s what I identify with it. And if the sight of it disgusts you, don’t look at it.


  1. Here’s you AMEN! And God Bless YOU, Earl of Taint! You said it like it truly is. And THAT’s what worries them. The racist part has no play in it…just the “Independent and Don’t Tell Me What To Do” part.

      1. ….Just a point of information the illustrated flag is the Flag of the Tennessee Army under General Hood….or very darn similar!

  2. Agreed – It is one badass design.

    50 bucks says they’ll be coming for our Skynyrd albums before the month is out.

  3. I’ve never owned a Confederate flag, even though I lived in Texas for 17 years. I’m planning on fixing that real soon.

  4. I am a northern blue belly, but I do feel sorry for you southern folks. Your entire culture is under attack bedcause of nothing more than infantile leftoid hatred and bigotry. I’ve never seen such angry and hateful vitriol directed at any group as what is directed at y’all. As a frequent tourist to scads and scads of Civil War battlefields, and a history enthusiast, I can tell you that the war was not about slavery, nor is the battle flag now a representation of southern people’s alleged desire to own slaves. During the Civil War, the average weekly wage was about 4 dollars. A slave cost several hundred dollars at that time. So, basically, 99% of the soldiers who fought in the war never owned any slaves at all. They couldn’t afford it, even if they wanted them. Yet, they fought, and fought hard.

    Ignorantly and petulantly claiming that the Civil War was really about slavery is tantamount to claiming that World War I was caused solely by Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination, or that World War II was caused only by Germany’s very real need for “lebensraum”.

    Keep up the good work, Earl.

      1. Good to know. Southern folks are the friendliest people I’ve encountered in my travels in this great nation of ours.

        All of us fans really appreciate your work, Earl. Don’t give up without a fight. These people are varmints. In the immortal words of the great general John Bell Hood, who spoke them at the battle of Sharpsburg in 1862, “FUCK THEM!!”

        All right, I’m lying. I made that up. Sounds like something Hood would have said, though.

    1. lol – I’ve read a good bit about the Scots-Irish immigrants and the conditions in the England-Scotland borderlands that compelled them to come to America. Great book on the subject by Jim Webb (the Dem) “Born Fighting”.

  5. So, blacks don’t want to be reminded of slavery yet they use the “legacy of slavery” as a crutch to excuse their primitive behavior. They even inherit slavery PTSD somehow. Obama says it’s in our DNA…..somehow.
    I’m sure all this flag business will fix everything. Right-O, jolly good.

  6. It doesn’t matter which symbol of liberty & self-determination we use the Left will hate it and attack any and all who dare to stand against their tyranny. But my gut tells me the Left is just about at their high water mark in this cycle. Much to most of their evil silliness can be reversed but some of their malicious destruction of our institutions will be difficult, possibly impossible, to repair.
    As for me, the First National Confederate is among the flags I fly at my home. It flies high, just below the Stars & Stripes.

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