1. For a moment I thought this was “troof in advertising” and the bill said “United States of Amerikenya”, then I took a “double-take”. lamont DOES deserve notoriety, but how about a debilitating disease… “explosive diarrhbama”, “cardio-vasshole disease”, “Chronic obama Pulmonary Disease”, “lamont Gehrig disease”, (and for the Wookiee, “fibro-magilla”)

      1. Earl, to even SUGGEST “vanilla” to be associated with magilla is so “racist” of you, (nudge, nudge… wink, wink). I would soak vanilla ice’s rhyming dictionary in gasoline and “fire” it up!
        I looked up diseases on Kashyyyk and discovered that they get their information about communicable sicknesses magilla obama might have from “Wookieepedia”. Seems like Wookiee “dysentery” (the particular genus named after Kiyoshi Shiga) can turn an effeminate human “man” into a flaming faggot, and I think anecdotal evidence has been vindicated in this case. Thanks for your astute observation. I was previously unaware of primate illnesses.

  2. I could swear she was already on the Zero Dollar bill, but I could be wrong. Nice work fitting her ears all the way inside the ellipse! That had to be a graphical challenge!

    1. Accounting for future hyper-inflation, the Ten should be worth Zero by the time the feds print the money in 2020.
      And thanks, my astute and insightful colleague. Luckily, cartilage is flexible.

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