1. Oh great sage you’ve done it again with two in a row.
    The other unraveling taking place is Maureen Dowd turning on POTUS.

  2. We always called this stance – pigeon-toed when the toes pointed inwards. Definition: 1. Description of any person whose feet naturally rotate at the ankles towards each other such that the toes on each foot are angled towards each other in a state of rest. 2. What eventually happens to the feet of all members of a marching band.

  3. Earl,
    There’s something seriously wrong with you!
    I just laughed my ass off at your “photos” of Jun 14 and then cursered down to “The Rehabilitation of Hillary Clinton…” and realized that I had to scoop out my shorts from laughing so hard. I’m sending you the laundry bill ’cause you just ain’t right. Your momma must have dropped you on your head (the left side) when you waz a kid so you’d think this crazy way. Maybe I’ll send her the laundry bill instead…

    1. Glad you liked them and thanks. I’m the #2 kid. My brother was a year older and there are several pictures of us as babies, sharing the same crib. I was too young to remember but knowing him, he fed me a turd.

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