Obamatrade – What’s The Big Secret?

The idea that we should “fast track” anything for Obama – other than a train to Hawaii – is insane. What’s the Zero need to do to convince congressional pigfuckers boneheads he is unworthy of any level of trust? And to do it secretly, without informing the public of the details…that might be just a little bit stinky…is indicative of either dementia or some slimy self interest.

Obama’s pimping this hard. Why?

The First Transnationed President
The First Transnationed President


  1. Any politician that would do anything for Obama is a DAMN TRAITOR to America! These repugnicants that are backing Obama’s trade deal need to be shot. What exactly is in this trade deal? You know it is pretty much just as deceptive as the Obamacare bill. Obama has not done one damn thing to benefit America, but our enemies love him. The last year of this maniac in office are going to be dangerous.

  2. You had it right with the pigfuckers part. And after seeing that picture, I doubt I’ll ever have another boner in my lifetime.

  3. I dunno… I realize that it wouldn’t have the linguistic panache that you’ve displayed, but “Dicklesstoria’s Secretions” says SO much about lamont and his legacy.

    1. Of course, considering that lamont is the subject here, I think HE is more interested in Reggie Love’s MIDDLE “leg”acy!

  4. Earl, I’ve been following you for a couple years and never registered or commented till now. I am motivated to do so because you have incorporated one of my favorite phrases into this post. I am delighted to see you use the term “PigFuckers”!!!!!!!!!! It is the term I use for muslims (intentional lower case). But it applies nicely to Communists (Democrats – and I am convinced Republicans too). It is very useful in describing most of the left actually. Thank you.

    1. Hello, glad to have you here and welcome. We do a lot of pointing and laughing, name calling and decidedly UN-politically correct commentary. But I intentionally do not depict anything that would be considered a threat of violence against anyone…considered by the authorities, specifically…because I don’t support such here and I do care if the law comes down on me. I have a family to consider.

      Get as pissed as you want here, but no fantasies of shooting Congress critters, etc. OK?
      Thanks again.

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