1. ppb,
      Actually, he was playing proctologist with Reggie Love in the White House basement!

      I just figured out why lamont likes basketball… because it’s got a “rim”!

      What do lamont obama and a Dodge truck have in common? It’s got a Hemi.

    1. That must be a before picture then. His moose knuckle’s not all swollen from a good punding yet.

  1. I would have thought his view from the rear would look more like he was smuggling a head of cauliflower in his panties from where reggie love’s left him a pile of dangling hemmoroids.

    1. Family history says Taintsville was a speculative land development started by my great-great-uncle Fectious Taint in the early 1900’s. He drained a swamp and built a town. Swamp came back and he went to Argentina.


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