1. GOMC,
      Because of PC politics, magilla must be a “Womanatee” or “personatee”, (more accurately a “Wookieeatee”). Manatees have been credited with giving the “mermaid” legend credibility, (bestial as it is), but magilla is more likely to promote the “Yeti” legend!

        1. Earl, I “heard” that lamont wanted to join the Navy, because he never met a semen he didn’t like!

  1. Wahoo,
    Mr T in DRAG would STILL make a more attractive woman than magilla obama! With her 172 teeth and “wide load” ass, I would venture to postulate that Ernest Borgnine in blackface and a Goodwill dress would be more attractive than the “first Ho”, (and Borgnine has been DEAD since 2012).


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