1. Gene, sorry for being a “spelling nazi”, but in the proper context it’s spelled fAAAAAAbulouSSSSSSSS!!!!!

    Seems to me that when Peter Tipp, (whose name is actually Peter Secondknuckle), was younger, he focused on the terminal orifice of other GUYS, and never seemed to get re-oriented to “mommy-parts”. Hate to be the first to bring this up, but thought it prudent to do so.

  2. ALWAYS remind everyone of the NON-DEVIANT alternatives:
    FOR BOYS – Trail Life USA (traillifeusa.com)
    FOR GIRLS – American Heritage Girls (americanheritagegirls.org)

  3. Is that maria harf’s twin thespian sister? Her moose knuckle looks kinda swollen. Wonder if she got kicked in it before the play.

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