How Mooch Got Alienated

Another one based on an idear from faithful reader Come And Take It. Cool stuff over there, btw. He’s making 3D Printers, the machines that print 3D objects from digital files. He’s a real go-getter. Makes me feel ashamed, like most highly productive people do. Lazy Shaming, it’s a microaggression, yep. Just like our poor little Ms Moose, who has endured them her entire deprived and disadvantaged life.

moose abduction


  1. “Drop the Cetacean.” ROTFLOLOL! Thank God that was just a wig! I thought it was a severed Wookie head that somehow got thrown in the mix. Yikes. And why do the aliens’ bodies all look just like Hannah Davis, except, with slightly more clothes than usual?

  2. I just wish magilla would FINALLY get a hairstylist with enough taste to give her bangs that would be long enough to cover that face! Even a Richard Nixon Halloween mask would be an improvement. Does she have any idea how traumatizing it is for a non-bulemic to see that mug?
    And Earl… “Cetacean”?… Has it REALLY been determined that magilla is a mammal? That “ho” be too cold blooded for ME to make that assertion without a physical.


    Now that is some internet gold right there. I’m going to try to get MOTUS at turned on to this place…maybe get you crosslinked there. I have no doubt her readers would love your work.

    BTW…I been stealing a few of your pics and trolling hildabeast’s twitter threads with them. Hope you don’t mind. Anyways, keep on keeping on and should we ever meet up in a fema gulag one day, I’ll treat you to some of my toilet hooch that my prison buddies taught me how to make.

    Love ya man,
    Turd Burglestein

  4. It’s racist, it’s ignorant and funny as hell!
    Threw up laughing again….thanks

  5. Holy drek, this is funniest goddamn thing I ever saw. “Rejected and excluded”… LOLOLOLOLOL! Excellent job, Earl!

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