1. I think it’s disingenuous for faygeles to want a homosexual CAKE! Shouldn’t they want a wedding SAUSAGE? Or maybe an English food called “Toad in the Hole”, (maybe a special twist on that called “gerbil in the hole”). If they insist on a cake, shouldn’t it be FUDGE? The icing should be made from an “anal lube” base, and not cream cheese or shortening.

    1. I woulda guessed they liked their icing a little on the salty side with extra protein.

      1. You win a prize… I forgot about the spongecake dessert with raisins, (or are those de-winged flies?). There’s another English food, (but it’s not cake), called “faggots in a rich western sauce” which you can get at Sainsburys.

          1. The “faggots” are actually meatballs, and the “sauce” is a beef gravy. “Blood sausages” are a different disgusting English delicacy, (one will come on your plate when you order a “traditional English breakfast”) .

        1. It’s another English breakfast made with sausages, eggs and spices. Depending on construction, the sausages can look like an amphibian crawling out of a wad of scrambled eggs. Just think of the joke about Heaven and Hell:
          Heaven, where the Germans are the mechanics, the French are the chefs, the Italians are the lovers, the Swiss make everything run on time and the English are the police;
          Hell, where the French are the mechanics, the English are the chefs, the Swiss are the lovers, the Italians make everything run on time, and the Germans are the police

  2. I’m going to go with they guy on the right because he’s going to have a whole lot more beard under his burka mask thingie than the guy on the left and I just read an article that said beards are real dirty and have poop in them. And we all know how deadly them poop germs are. And he’s probably got goat poop and camel poop in there with whatever poop came off his left hand after he wiped his ass with a rock and stroked his beard…so we’re dealing with a triple poop threat there.

    Did I get the right answer?

  3. I got one word for the masked, hummus-breath coward with his scary knife: Come at me, goat-fcuker!

    OK, that’s four words…

  4. Judging by the context here, are you sure this shouldn’t be a “poop” quiz? I mean, with the preoccupation camel-shaggers have with the “terminal orifice”, almost EVERYTHING is somehow connected to the “poop-chute”!
    And, “Grunt”… to anybody who has had their “gay-dar” calibrated lately, there is no such thing as a “secret queer”… just ask Mock-mood I’m-on-a-jihad… he’ll tell you there is no such thing as a “nancy-boy” in Iran. If there IS, he wants to know where they live!


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