1. You velly funny Ealr, but you make spolt of me fol RAST time. I KIRR you, you lound-eye bastald! Who herr you tink you ale. I hack into you’le brog as easy as kimchee, I find you too! I just rike Ar Gole… he invent intelnet, I invent Yerrow Pages, (iolny not funny… don’t raugh)! I wirr hit you so hald you’le GLANDCHIRDLEN wirr be boln with bluises! Watch you’le back… I on plowr fol you!

  2. Awesome job, Earl. I’ve been trying to do something with that Nork photo for a long time but came up empty. Even the raw pic is pretty funny, with Un putting the squeeze on the poor guy’s chute. But you made it even more hilarious. Nice.

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