Kharma’s A Bitch

This one was inspired by a message to me from the Afterlife. I have that gift…I’m a Receiver.

And in my vision of “Hell”, your punishment is a complete loss in your afterlife of something you hold most dear, in proportion to your evil deeds of this life. As such, I render the received message to you visually:



  1. I believe a warning about eye salve would be warranted. Poor Hillary and Bill… they won’t lie themselves out of that one.

  2. Because of her enormous ass, for Shrillary, it’s NOT “karma”, but “TRUCKMA”! Remember, she gets her designer threads from Gloria Peterbilt and Calvin Kenworth. C’mon, Earl… I give you books and you eat the covers. You’re gonna be accused of being wrong anyway, just go for the gusto!

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