Looting The CVS – You’re Doing It Wrong

I think we’ve all grown to expect a higher level of effort than this. Where are the Big Screens? The LeBrons? The Liquor?? The Weave Thieves?

This is just lame. Saddens me to see how far they’ve fallen, the Baltimorons. Sigh.

And while we’re here, why don’t they make black toilet paper? And since we’re there, why not make toilet paper with seeds in it? Just fertilize and plant. “Go & Grow” …winner?



  1. Give a little credit to the Baltimorons

    … someone took the initiative to burn a car.

    Then he probably had a sudden loss of bowl-contrl and needed the TP.

  2. Juss gimme summa dat free SHIT. We be riotin’ cuz we caint get uh job cuz whitey hate ah prezidunce cuz dey rasis’. Ah ansestezz dun pik cottin fo duh honkeez so dey mus let us steel shit cuz dey oh us repuh… rehpa… dey o us cuz ah gran babymama an gran babydaddy be werkin dey ass off fo nuttin, an dey dint even get no flatskrene tee v… tea vi… how duh fuk you spel T V anyway? Ben Carson b uh uhnalugee to reel africun amerikunz, so doan thro dat unkel tom back in ah face, HE not jen u wine black man. He be priviludge an liv bi WHITEY rule, he turn he back on afrikuh… he even LOOK white. I hadda steel dis sign-in from papabare cuz i cant get no passwird cuz i b black.

  3. Those aren’t protestors, those are legitimate targets. Looters should be shot on sight, as should anyone throwing projectiles at the police. Stop screwing around with these scumbags.


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