1. Well, we’ve got bail money saves up, but looks like your on your own on this one….
    You’ve been a busy lil’ bee lately, haven’t you!

    1. I’m with Proof on this one. We should start checking the bushes at Ft. Marcy Park pretty much first thing in the morning. And Hillary won’t bother to make a condolence call to your wife, either. God be with you, my Friend. En el nomre de Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espirito Santo…

      1. Oh, I also want to volunteer to be the one to clear your browser history after you “disappear.” Somebody’s got to do it, and it’s bound to be the El Dorado of browser histories. :D

  2. Ding dong the witch should be dead that’s what was said again and again.
    Now why in the world would she threaten the great Earl of Taint?

  3. I’m not much of a conspiracy monger, but I’ve not seen any evidence that would make me incredulous regarding “The Clinton Chronicles”! 94 close friends and associates who died under mysterious circumstances? That’s as statistically improbable as Ted Kennedy missing an opportunity of molesting a woman within 200 feet of him!

  4. Damn Earl, you’ve captured the essence that is “Hillary Politics”. I hope you survive it.

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