Hillary’s Virtual Reality Campaign Sickens Dozens

Dozens fell ill Saturday at the Global Citizen Earth Day celebration on the National Mall in Washington DC. Hillary Clinton launched her new “Virtual Hillary” app in the VR Tent and many people there were eager to try it out. Most were treated for nausea, headaches and anxiety-related symptoms at the scene. Three people were reportedly taken to the Hospital, one with a life-threatening aneurism. The other two suffered scalded retinas and emotional trauma. We feel compelled to hide this reproduction of the Virtual Hillary experience behind a warning screen as it is most certainly not, as they say, for the Squeamish. View it at your own risk and proceed with caution.

Be Careful Now!
Be Careful Now!

(In case you were wondering about the poor English in this graphic, it’s true that we do occasionally outsource our verbiage to a facility in our supply chain where English is not the primary language.

We must apologizing for any the convenience lost to your today.!!

You read that words and still want the Look at? That is totally not the problem! OK here link the hi-res sample of Hillary’s campaign of her “Face to Face”! (Please be carefully watching at this for too long time and become the idiocy’s.)


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