1. Ah yes we had “Tricky Dick” and now we have “Slippery Clit” OMG what hath been wrot?
    Earl you’ve done it again you devil. Please keep it up even if it means “Viagra or Cialis” I’ll send you the antidote if needed.

  2. “Hillary” the movie, starring George C. Scott as Hillary…..finest kind Earl

  3. Nice! But saying things like Hillary “will be screwed” is a bit like saying “Pigs will fly.” In a number of ways. Vince Foster might have been the last one to give that hag any proper attention and look what happened to him. I can’t see males of any species trying that again.

    1. Hillary will not be screwed by anyone on this blog, Brother!

      But see, she learned from history – so she won’t get screwed. She deleted the evidence. She thinks she did, anyway. We’ll see.

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