1. Blew it on THIS one, Earl… Shrillary is TOO OLD for a “standing ovulation”. She probably entered “personopause” YEARS ago… oops, just reread your post… is MY face red… sorry.

  2. Oh, that’s … lovely. Some people are cursed with hard lives. Some skate by on their gifts or good looks. Then there’s Hillary, who must have given the devil some hellacious sexual favors over the years. There’s no other explanation.

    1. But oh! The Weasel figured out a way to make her more attractive. Finally! It’s actually not so bad. She claims it gives her a little Jesus vibe, but I’m thinking Gordon Lightfoot. Either way, instant improvement.

      1. GOMC, The facial hair will probably cut down on her “indecent exposure” arrests considerably. I’d venture to say, if she got a titanium-lined bag to put over her empty skull it would improve even MORE!


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