1. Great to see you’re posting more often! :)
    There’s certainly enough material to work with out there. :(

  2. Methinks that “the chicken” is the only thing that comes to mind for lamont when he muses about choking. Wouldn’t at ALL be surprised if he shitcans the idea of retiring to Hawaii and goes to Mecca instead. The only concession he’d have to make to militant mooselims is to jettison the Wookiee, because they don’t agree with THAT kind of bestiality! (I am convinced that the main reason lamont likes mooselimism is because the prayer position puts his “caboose” in an attitude that encourages those “brokeback moments” he often pursues. And after all… can ANYONE contend, after looking at magilla, that he’s not attracted to MEN?!)

  3. He’s keeping the shit-eating muslim identity secret for now, so he can play it and scream “asylum” when the time comes as needed to evade prosecution or execution, as need be

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