The Nincompope

This Pope’s cheese done slid a little ways off his cracker, seems to me. His own operating manual says the entire universe will be rolled up and throwed away, or words to that effect. But he wants my ass bicycling to work and back to take stress off the environment that’s getting destroyed by God any-damn-way? I don’ thin’ so, Popo.


Click through for the full size. Apologies for the lettering, my staff typesetter maid is off for MLK Day.


  1. You have a maid?
    See, now THIS is the way you make fun of religious leaders! I give it five Grunts! And actually, that’s coming from a devout Catholic and fan of this pope (generally). I don’t think this is offensive at all, and well-earned by him. The storm cloud and lightning bolt over the Earl tag is hilarious, but I don’t think you have anything to worry about in the smiting department. Let’s cancel that golf round next weekend, though, just in case. There’s a chance of thunderstorms. :D

      1. Heh. Being an adherent of the Eastern Orthodox Church, I do appreciate a good stiff jab at the pretender in Rome …

  2. Well GOLLLLLLLY, Earlgeant, shaZAMMMM! Looks like the office of “Peupe” (thank you Inspector Clouseau) is getting back to politics, like Pope Innocent the 3rd, (what an oxymoron). The pope’s favorite pen is a “Marx-a-lot”, if he’s dilatory getting somewhere, he’s “Stalin”, the noise his cat makes is “Mao”, his favorite cartoon had a character called “Bullwinkle J. Moose-olini”! (I’ll be here all week… try the veal.)

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