1. They belong in their own country. They are unable, and most importantly, not willing to assimilate in their adopted countries. Medievil ingnorant Animals, all of them.

  2. Next time i see a french dude I’ll say “DID YOU DOUCHE?”

    The sad part is our foreign policy leader is not much stronger than a frenchie

  3. Stupid damned camel-shaggers don’t know the difference between moHAMmed and Osama Been-screwing-dromedaries with the Pillsbury Doughboy’s butt on his head?! What a bunch of assholes! (their FAVORITE orifice!)

  4. Dig
    There’s some verses in bible that address this situation; I did a dogpile search for
    “Mohamed in the bible”
    Try it yourself
    On every little no I got a server cant be found


    Soooo, I went with my first love engine, LYCOS
    I got a bunchohitz,
    To stop my story so I can get sleep, try for yourself.

    If you only go back 2000 years looking for a illegitimate bastard sheep and child fornicator that would not appear until …what, mid 5-600’s. (I don’t know but think it was later still)
    Hey, do a wiki search of the crusades
    Look at what sir Winston Churchill wrote about in the river wars
    Winnie is very close to my heart and soul, and I wish I could smoke a cigar with him right now… But!
    I dare you to search what tommy Jefferson had to do and say about them cocksucking Islam ransom experts [clue- Tripoli] ( hey, I may be wrong, but big al sharp-pencildick sharpton may have learned from them on how to suck every last drop…

    Hank said- I’ve been down this road before…. Williams, that is
    My point is,
    We got history
    Why not use it
    These bastards want us dead. They don’t want my shit or my sheep or my land, they just want me dead, and maybe someone else will bury my stinkin corpse, cause they don’t belive in that either

    I think they all would make a great organic pig feed.

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