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Believe It Or Not, This Is A Thing

Gwyneth Paltrow steam-cleans her drapes soggy old vagina for energy.

Someone ought to lock up the licensing quick. Dipshits have money too.



Journolists Daily Briefing

With the Editor in Chief…


Donors Line Up For Hillary


Same Person, Right?


WH Bedwetter* All Wee-Weed-Up About Bibi: “He Spit In Our Face!”

*Valerie Jarrett.

“There Will Be A Price.”

a price

I’m Gonna Remake This Movie


GOP Senators Volunteer To Perform Delicate Eye Surgery On Harry Reid

In risky procedure, the optic nerve in question can only be approached from the posterior side of the eye.

harry's eye surgery

Ol’ Flat Balls, Yep.

(I’m not watching his lyin’ ass, fyi.)

From a pic and idea sended in by my doublegood pal the Grunt. Hope I caught the essence of the man. Not Grunt, Obama.

tub timeOops!

Wrong pic. Maybe next year!

Below is this year’s SOTU preview. Better late than never.


The Nincompope

This Pope’s cheese done slid a little ways off his cracker, seems to me. His own operating manual says the entire universe will be rolled up and throwed away, or words to that effect. But he wants my ass bicycling to work and back to take stress off the environment that’s getting destroyed by God any-damn-way? I don’ thin’ so, Popo.


Click through for the full size. Apologies for the lettering, my staff typesetter maid is off for MLK Day.

New Magazine I’m Pitching To Investors

For starters, we’d focus on the needs and interests of selected foreign markets where sex with animals is a socially accepted norm. We’ll pivot to add a domestic version once the recent immigrant communities are able to grow, solidify and impose their wretched, backwards culture on all the decent people.


He Will Spoon With The Muslims Should The Political Winds Shift In An Ugly Direction.

He's Doing It For The Troops!

He’s Doing It For The Troops!

“That’s Retarded!”

Doesn’t stop our guy, of course.


h/t to my man LarrO.

(Click through the pic to see full size.)